Have you been thinking about creating your own online course but don’t know where to start? Keep reading…

Discover How To Turn Your Unique Passions & Talents Into a High-Quality Online Course People Love!

Learn how to… 

Create a quality course that stands out from the competition (even in crowded niches)
Pick the perfect topic and name for your course
Establish yourself as the ultimate authority on your course topic
Outsource parts of your course to conserve your energy for what you do best
Keep students interacting with (and buying from) you long after your course is over–over & over again!

"This saved me so much time, I would recommend it to anyone"

Mary Jackson

Bel Air, LA

If you’re dreaming about leveraging your skills so you can make a bigger impact, transform more lives & experience more freedom…then you're in the right place!

Question: Ever thought about creating an online course, but didn’t know where to start?

Let’s get real: If you’ve been in online business any length of time, you’ve seen someone you know promoting their own–or someone else’s–online course.

It feels like everyone’s all:
“You need to launch a course!”

And you’re all:
“…I want to! But how?”

But here’s what’s different about you…

You don’t want to create a course just for course creation’s sake.

You want to create a course because you truly want to provide people with a transformation. you want to make a bigger impact. 

Which means you want to make sure your course is high-quality, makes sense in your overall business plan & can provide you with long-term, passive income… not “flash in the pan” overnight success.

But where do you even start? 

Outlining lessons? 

Picking a name? 

A platform? 

What about a price?

On one hand, it all seems so complex and overwhelming.

I mean…will it really be worth all the time & effort? 

Do you really have a big enough audience to pull it off?

And can you really somehow create a course that stands out from your competitors, when everyone and their business bestie already has one? 

Well, here’s the good news, friend…

If you want to create a high-quality course that actually sells and delivers on its promise…

You CAN Craft an Online Course That Makes Ideal Clients Say “Take My Money”–Even If You’re Not a Tech Guru, Mega Influencer or Anywhere Near an Expert!

Now, if you’re skeptical, I understand!

You might be thinking:

“But who would listen to little old me when [insert-famous-person-in-your-niche] already has a course on the same topic?”

Or, “Can courses really create stable income? Like, stable enough to live off of income?”

Or, “But what about all the logistics? I don’t know if I can pull this all off myself!”

Don’t get me wrong: They’re all valid questions. 

In fact, stats say 85% of courses fail.

But what about the 15% that succeed–and wildly so?

Well, they succeed because they do things differently.

How so, you ask?

For starters, they don’t just slap something together & risk their reputation to get a few bucks in the bank.

Instead, they consciously craft their courses, from the content inside to the name on the cover, in a way that appeals to their ideal customers & delivers real results.

See, once you know how to do this, it actually isn’t so hard to create a course people love!

Even better? There IS a proven and EASY formula for creating a profitable online course that delivers exactly what your people want, in exactly the way they want it…


"How to Create an Online Course Your Audience Will Rush To Buy & Rave About!"

Dive into the details of what it takes to create a quality course that sells. From picking a topic to creating valuable lessons, you will learn how to craft a transformative online course so it’s highly desirable, highly memorable and highly-likely to gain you repeat clients, referrals & more business over the long term.

You’ll learn how to… 

  • Create a quality course that stands out from the competition (even in crowded niches)

  • Pick the perfect topic and name for your course

  • Establish yourself as the ultimate authority on your course topic

  • Outsource parts of your course to conserve your energy for what you do best

  • Keep students interacting with (and buying from) you long after your course is over–over & over again!

Sounds awesome right? 

Here’s exactly what you're about to discover inside this value-packed eBook…

Lesson 1: The Secret to Course Success?
Choose a Topic That THRILLS Your Fans

Truth bomb: No matter what topic you think you want to create a course about, chances are one (or 100) already exist. So, how can you add your version to the marketplace and have it stand out?  

The secret is choosing a specific topic that excites your fans and followers–one they’ll be happy to pay for. Lesson 1 will teach you exactly how to find a topic that pays!

Here’s what you'll learn…

How to identify a desirable topic students will rush to pay for–even if it’s “been done before”!
How to figure out who your paying audience is–and where to find them.
How to go beyond demographics–and the secret audience data you can’t ignore!
What you should–and should not–promise as a result of your course
How to cultivate lifetime fans who will click on and buy your offers–just because they’re yours!

Lesson 2: Why Picking the Perfect Name Will Make or Break Your Course

Here’s the deal: Once you’ve found the perfect topic, your work isn’t over. It actually doesn’t matter how great the topic is, if the name falls flat no one will ever click “buy”! That’s why choosing a specific, selectively-targeted name for your course is so important. Not sure how to do that? No problem. Lesson 2 will teach you the exact, expert-tested techniques you can use to dig deep & find the perfect name for your profitable course.

Here’s what we’ll cover…

How to create a course name that practically sells itself–plus the 4 must-haves to include in your title to instantly communicate value!
5 tiny tactics to spice up your course titles–so you can avoid boring course names while still being clear and descriptive.
How to take naming your course to a higher level–even if you think you’ve nailed it!
The secret naming ingredient you MUST include to create a name that sings and zings!

Lesson 3: The Best Way to Design
Fun + Valuable Lessons

By now, you’ve identified your ideal student, come up with an awesome angle, and even picked a specific course name so clear it sells itself. Now it’s time to step out of the research zone and into the doing zone–and start designing a dynamic, transformative course all your own! Lesson 3 will teach you everything you need to do to create memorable course content that’s fun, fresh & actually gets people results.

Here’s what we’ll cover…

Working with your personality to create your course content–not against it.
Identifying your strengths–so you can play them up!
Why skill and talent don’t matter when it comes to quality course content–and the one thing that actually does!
The main difference between great courses & confusing ones–plus the 3 must-have components for a course that truly transforms.
The key to a stand-out course and feeling confident in your content–even if you’re a first-timer or not as polished as your competitors.
How to create lessons that sound natural and conversational–even if you’re never “taught” a thing before!
The one thing you can’t fake when teaching your content–and why you shouldn’t even try!
The secret method the pros use to make course design easy, peasy!

Lesson 4: 4 Key Reasons to Get Help Building Your Course

Courses can take work, but the good news is you don’t have to do it all yourself! Hiring the right freelancers or team members means you can make your fantastic course happen AND keep your business growing at the same time! Lesson 4 covers the ins & outs of outsourcing, automating & leveraging other specialists’ skills, instead of trying to do it all from scratch.

Here’s what we’ll cover… 

How to leverage the skills of others to make your course launch a success
What tasks you should always outsource–and what you can do yourself.
How to choose–and use–the best teaching platform for you (do this right & you’ll make your launch about 1000x easier!)
The #1 person you need on your team to stop you from veering off in wrong or confusing directions!
3 easy ways to keep your business growing while you’re busy teaching your course!
Who to hire to make you more money and make your life easier–even long after your course is over!

It’s Time to Create Your Own Profitable Online Course

Just imagine what your business & life could look like when you have your own online course…

    Students excited to give you money & learn from you!
    Working fewer hours while transforming more lives (and without exhausting yourself with 1:1 clients!)
    Building your credibility & becoming an authority in your niche!
    No more cap on your income!
    Finally having a valuable business asset you can launch & sell again & again–with little extra effort, for years to come!

    Now, I do have one disclaimer: There’s no such thing as a perfect course. Courses – just like any other aspect of online business – require that you put in the work to make them work.

    But, with this online training in your hands, you’ll have an exact step-by-step process to follow that will help you create a course that will build your bank account, build others’ trust in you and help you build a name in your industry as someone who truly knows their stuff.

    This is your chance to do it all in one fell swoop.

    All you have to do is say yes.

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