4 Money Mistakes Keeping You Stuck, Broke and Frustrated

Mistake #1: Living Out Somebody Else’s Money Story

Most of our major beliefs about money are formed in childhood by watching and/or listening to our parents and families.

If your parents constantly used phrases like: “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” “Rich people are snobs,” “You have to work really hard if you want to make good money,” or even “Money is the root of all evil” – odds are you soaked up those beliefs!

You also soaked up the way your parents reacted to and acted with their own money. 

Did your parents fight about finances?

Did one parent hide spending from another (therefore making you thing spending at all was shameful)?

Did your parents constantly make you or each other feel guilty because they “never had enough”?

Did you watch them juggle different bills or put necessities on credit to get by? 

ALL of these situations seep in our conscious and form our beliefs about money.

The good news is: They aren’t REALLY ours! 

And the better news? You do NOT have to continue to live out this old story!

The truth is you can change your limiting beliefs and rewrite your OWN money story–one that’s positive, expansive and exciting.

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Mistake #2: Keeping Your Head in the Sand 

Another major mistake entrepreneurs make is to ignore their finances completely.

Do you procrastinate on money-making activities?

Do you hesitate to open bills, look at your bank statements or even send out invoices or requests for money?

Do you not know your numbers–from your monthly expenses to how much money you bring in every month to how much (exactly!) you owe on your business credit card (and at what interest rate)?

Do you lack a true plan for your financial future because you just keeping telling yourself, “It’s fine. Things will work themselves out!”

All of these are ways that you’re keeping yourself in the dark about your finances.

If you truly want to feel more empowered around money and make the copious amounts of cash you deserve as a CEO, you have to take a real, honest look at your financial situation.

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Mistake #3: Holding Onto Past Money Grudges & Mishaps

Have you ever been financially taken advantage of? Have you ever financially “taken advantage of” someone else?

For example: Did you take on a car loan in your name for someone else–and then they defaulted?

Or did you ever borrow money from a sibling or friend and (purposely or not) never pay them back?

Did you rack up tons of debt in college ‘cause you lived off of credit cards–and beat yourself up because you’re still paying them off?

Do you ever feel like you should’ve “started earlier” when it comes to saving, investing, paying off that debt or bringing in more in-come?

Holding onto ANY past money grudges you have against someone else or beating yourself up for past money mistakes can literally be blocking your abundance in the here and now.

You have to forgive and let go of every single one of these incidents if you truly want to create space in your life for maximum abundance. 

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Mistake #4: Not Having a Vision for Your Financial Future

It’s really hard to “get what you want” when you don’t know what that is. It’s easy to get sucked into thinking short-term because things “feel okay.” But short-term thinking will never get you long-term results!

That said, if you’re prone to keeping your head in the sand around money, it’s also just as likely you don’t have a clear vision for what you’d ideally like your financial future to look like.

To win at the money game, you need a long-term vision. Your current financial situation does NOT have to represent your future!

Think about what it would look like if all your money problems were magically solved and your financial life was completely transformed.

What does your financial life look like? How are you making money? Where are you living?

How does your relationship with money feel now? Do you still hide your head in the sand, or do you feel confident and capable and empowered around handling your money?

Do you know exactly how to attract more of it–and keep it and/or make it work for you?

Sounds pretty incredible, right? Now I also want you to think about what your life might look in three years if your relationship to money doesn’t change.

What does that life look like?

Probably not quite as fabulous right?

The truth is, time is of the essence when it comes to becoming a financially empowered CEO.

NOT taking action on fixing your money mindset and letting go of your financial fears is the most expensive choice you can make.

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How to Release Your Fears and Limiting Beliefs to Create an Elevated CEO Mindset

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