5-Day Sales Funnel Training Series

DAY 6: Special Bonuses

Smarter Funnels

Here's What You'll Discover

How to identify the core offer that all your other offers will hinge upon

How to identify a valuable and effective low-ticket offer that addresses your audience’s pain points

How to identify an enticing upsell for your core offer

The benefits of defining your ideal customer profile

How to create a one-time offer that injects a sense of urgency without making you seem desperate or a schoolyard bully

How to create an effective downsell for your core offer - one that isn’t sleazy or makes your audience squirm

How to define the unique value proposition (UVP) for your core offer

How to develop an attractive subscription offer that solves part of your audience’s problem

How to map out your simple offer funnel so you can get started quickly without overcomplicating things

How to choose a powerful and effective lead magnet that will convert curious audience members into subscribers

Why you should add in a valuable order bump to increase point-of-sale revenue and also helps your customer

How to identify where you will automate and segment your funnel

How to develop powerful content that will move leads through your funnel

How to create a powerful call to action (CTA) for each piece of content (miss this and you leave your audience stuck)

and much more!

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