Discover The Real Secret to Creating a 6-Figure Coaching Business! – Without The Insane Overwhelm...

It’s absolutely possible to make 6-figures in sales, but... 

Are you making it too complicated?

“I make six figures a year.”

How does that phrase make you feel?

Scared? Excited? Overwhelmed?

Maybe all three?

If you’ve landed on this page, the odds are you’ve been there, felt all of that.

There are so many coaches who would love to crack the 6 figure mark.

There are also plenty of coaches who’ve been trying for years with no success – or who’ve burnt themselves to a crunchy crisp in the process.

And yet…something about that doesn’t seem fair, does it?

You’ve seen other coaches hit 6 figures with such grace & ease.

You’ve watched their wow-worthy webinars, studied their email sequences and maybe even bought their products and services (even though you totally knew you were being sold to!).

It all seems so easy & effortless for them.

But when you think about doing this for your own business?

Forget about it. You don’t even know where to start.

And yet, every time you watch another coach share his or her “6-figure success” story on social media, a little part of you dies inside. 

Why isn’t that you? (Because it totally, absolutely should be you!)

You start to doubt your worth, your value & whether this is truly the right path for you... 

Well, Here’s What The Most Successful Coaches Know About Earning Good Money 

(You Won’t Find This Information Anywhere Else!)…

What you're about to learn might just blow your mind...

Most coaches aren’t hitting six figures a year for just ONE simple reason.

And no, it’s not because they’re not talented…

It’s not because they’re not intelligent…

It’s not because they’re “not meant to be coaches”…

Ready for the Real Secret to Creating a 6-Figure Coaching Business – Without Insane Overwhelm?

Most coaches aren’t hitting six figures simply because

They don’t have a proven sales system in place for getting clients and customers!

That’s it!

Now, this lack of a sales system can show up in a few very detrimental ways.

Tell me if any of this rings a bell…

You don’t know what to offer – or how to offer it in a way that magnetizes ideal clients.

You don’t have a real marketing plan in place – and instead rely on “wishful thinking” (which I promise will never get you to six figures, or probably any other financial goal you have, either!).

You don’t believe in sales funnels…or shy away from them because you think they’re too complicated to set up. (The truth is so many so-called gurus make it SO much harder than it has to be!)

Or maybe you’re just inconsistent with your marketing and content creation. 

Maybe you’re “there one day, gone the next"–so nobody knows whether they should trust you, let alone fork over their hard-earned money to buy what you’re selling!

Now, no matter which of the common pitfalls you’ve fallen prey to, the truth is it doesn’t have to be that way.

Because I know that when you take the time to set up a solid sales system and process from the start that leads people from “maybe” to “OMG yes!” …

…you CAN simplify your sales and hit 6 figures. (And you CAN FINALLY feel confident in your ability to attract and retain customers!)

So listen. If you’re grinding month after month and still not hitting your financial goals, then this special and simple guide is just for you.


Smarter Sales: The Ultimate Sales Process for a 6-Figure Coaching Business

You’ll discover how to set up a simple sales process that attracts ideal clients without overwhelm (or 24/7 content creation) and doesn’t suck the joy out of the coaching business you love.

If you want to learn how to…

Create content your audience is begging for – and offers they can’t wait to snap up
Step into the spotlight and become the face of your business
Focus solely on your business instead of your competitors
Consistently make more cash with a proven process you can implement again & again

Then you’re in the right place. 

You'll Learn:

How to Plan a Paid Offer That’ll Blow Their Minds

Want to create bigger profits? You need to start with a mind-blowing offer. In this lesson you'll receive the necessary tools to research, plan and create an offer your audience will practically trip over themselves to buy – plus, teach you how to pack it so full of value they’ll be delighted to come back for more.


The simple formula for figuring out what your audience needs from you and will easily buy from you!
How to build your offer from scratch–including what to do yourself and what you absolutely must outsource for the best results.
How to put your unique spin on your offer – even if you feel like “it’s all been done before”
How to weigh the pros and cons of discounts or special offers – should you or shouldn’t you?

Why You MUST Have a Related Free Webinar

It’s all happening! So, your product is created and ready to sell. But wait, now what? Here we break down the best way to market your offer to make sure your target market actually knows it exists: the webinar. Nope, throwing a few social posts up just isn’t going to cut it, but you're about to see the ins and outs of what will!


Why a webinar is the perfect way to build trusting relationships fast–and how to structure your's so it basically sells for you!
How to choose a hot webinar topic that’s connected to your paid offer–and make sure people actually show up live to buy!
Delivering a killer webinar and perfect sales pitch–even if you tend to get tongue tied!
The tools you need to portray a professional image on your webinar–plus how NOT to be a cookie-cutter coach and make your webinar original!

The Best Way to Seal the Deal: A Strategic Email Funnel

Sales funnels are all the rage – and yet, the mere mention of them can turn some coaches into knobby-kneed, tongue-tied, hot messes. But don’t fret just yet: We’re going to debunk some seriously debilitating sales funnel myths and help you put together a nurturing, effective funnel that’ll take your prospect from interested to invested–in no time flat. It’s time to set up an email funnel that gets clicks and sales!


Why you absolutely need an email funnel and should never just run a webinar and “hope for the best”
The inner workings of a successful sales funnel–including 4 simple funnels you can set up to nurture and sell to your audience on autopilot!
How to get other business owners to sell for you–and easy ways to make it a win-win for everyone!
5 common sales funnel mistakes–and how to avoid them right from the get-go.

7 Easy Ways to Promote Your Webinar

You’ve got your incredible product on lock and both your webinar and email funnel loaded. Now it’s time to make sure we get some butts in virtual seats so you can make some serious sales! This lesson is all about how to drive significant and engaged traffic to your webinar, including easy tools you can use to get the word out without working 24/7. Let’s do this!

You'll learn…

How to write effective blogs and guest blogs to drive excited traffic to your webinar–fast.
How to start tooting your own horn on social media to quickly spread the word about your webinar–and how to do it without feeling spammy.
How to step out from behind the keyword with confidence so you can showcase your expertise–and convert your viewers into PAYING customers!
Using video to generate interest about your webinar–even if you don’t want to show your face!
How to use Facebook ads to get super-targeted traffic–without dropping hundreds of unnecessary dollars!

Revealed: The Quick & Easy Way to Hit Six Figures in Sales This Year!

Yes, it’s true that setting up this sales funnel system does take some upfront work.  I’d never try to tell you it doesn’t. But just imagine how insanely good it will feel when you finally have a SIMPLE sales system working for you and helping you hit your long-coveted financial goals!

When you make this simple sales system an integral part of your coaching business, you’ll finally be able to …

Rest easy at night knowing you don’t have to scrounge and scrap for each and every client just to get by!
Have an easy way to repeat your success over & over–with just minor tweaks!
Hit your 6-figure income goal this year–not 3, 5 or 10 years down the road!
Consistently make more cash with a proven process you can implement again & again

Yep, it’s all possible. And everything you need to know to make it a reality is literally just ONE click away!

I get it. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are. You’re a rockstar coach, the clients you do have adore you and you really can’t imagine doing any other work in the world. 

You were born for this.

You don’t have to settle for a business that’s “just okay” in the profit department! 


You can have a business and a bank account you love.

You can make six figures this year, in a simple, streamlined, stress-free way.

Are you ready to learn how?

It's time YOU become the 6-figure success story!

This is backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. If you feel it does not help you in any way to build a better, more satisfying business, simply email us for a fast, courteous refund. 


Get Your Ultimate Guide to Hitting 6-Figures In Your Coaching Business

Create content your audience is begging for – and offers they can’t wait to snap up
Step into the spotlight and become the face of your business
Focus solely on your business instead of your competitors
Consistently make more cash with a proven process you can implement again & again

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