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What Does Website Support Include?

It includes safe, secure and high-speed hosting, premium plugin updates, backups and site security to keep everything safe. With Premium and Plus you also have time each month to have us make changes, or add something to your site and of course answer any questions you might have. 

Which Package Should I Go With?

You go with the package to corelates to the level of the Smarter Marketing System you have. So if you have the Pro Package, you need to choose the Pro Website Support package as that's the one that covers all the plugins and tools you need to run your site effectively. 

What If I Hosted The Website Myself

You absolutely can. After the complimentary first 12 months, you are free to do whatever you want. The only downside to that is you will then be responsible for your own hosting, backups, security, configuring and renewing the plugins, and manually update everything yourself to ensure your site is fast, safe, secure and running at peak performance. 

By using our website support service, you are saving hundreds of dollars a year, plus you get quality support and have the piece of mind that  your website is always up and running, continuously improved, and cost effective. This frees up a lot of your time to keep your focus on what you do best.

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