Attention Network Marketers!


NO MORE CHASING PROSPECTS - Have the RIGHT people asking to work with you
FULL CALENDAR - Qualified prospects wanting to build a business, booking time in your calendar every day
FREEDOM FROM SOCIAL MEDIA - Get your time back from posting all by by automating your online marketing
AUTOMATION - ​Leveraging the power of the automation to grow your business
​TIME FREEDOM - Create true time freedom, without wasting your time creating endless content online
DUPLICATABLE - The best part, it's totally duplicatable if you want to share with your team and help them grow faster!

Will this work for me and is it compliant for my company?  

Yes, it’ll work for any network marketing, direct sales or affiliate program as long as you can build a team.  There won’t ever be any mention of your company or product, so there’s no reason for it to be un-compliant either. If you’re willing to do your part, this will work!

What exactly do you build for me?

Everything from the Ad, targeting, funnel, emails and all the tech. You’ll just take the hot prospects, educate and enroll. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Plan on at least $10 a day in ad spend, and a fee to build.  On our call we will discuss how we can help.  Most individuals that come to us aren’t made of money or in their ideal financial position.  That’s why they need help!  

I love to use this analogy.  We all have endless fields to harvest with our businesses and great products/services.  What tools do we have to use?  Most of us don’t have that big rolodex of people to bring in that already own the tractors or plows in life. So, we end up stuck in the corner with a pick, hoe, and a rake.  Can it work?  Sure, but it’s a 5 to 10 year process, digging in the corner talking to everyone that breathes!  So, if you really want a business, you have to be like the farmer, ditch the garden tools and get your tractor.  We build it all for you, you just have to drive it!  We’ll show you how. 

How soon will I be ready to go?

As long as you’re doing your part, we will have you up within 14-21 days.  It needs to be done the right way, it’s custom to you!  Once leads start rolling you can dive right in!    

Is this duplicatable?

Yes, like wild fire!!  You can empower your whole team with systems to grow their business online.  They'll see your success and want to get the same thing! 

What's included:

Done For You Funnel
Done For You Facebook Ad
Done For You Email Follow Up Campaigns 

Total Cost: $5,000

+ $97/Month For Access & Support

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Step 3: Payment Information

Order Summary

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Once you order the Smarter Marketing System, you will receive a couple forms to fill out so we can get all the information we need to build your website exactly how you want it. Once we get those forms back, you should expected a completed project within 30 days. 

Please note: Due to the work involved, this is a non-refundable service. Once we receive payment we start working on your website right away and have outgoing costs that we incur with setting up your project. However, we promise you 100% satisfaction with the results. 

Your Smarter Marketing System renews annually for $997 access and support.