How To Create Free Content To Presell Your Offer So People Arrive Ready To Buy

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Traffic & Sales

How to Create Free Content That Presells Your Offer So People Arrive Ready To Buy

In this post you’re going to discover how to create content that educates your buyers with free content to “prove your worth” and leads them to your paid product where they can obtain a more complete solution to help them solve problems, achieve goals or enjoy interests.

And here’s the big key:

You create content that’s useful to your prospects, yet incomplete.

Let’s take a closer look at how to “create useful, but incomplete” content…

If your’re putting out lead magnets, blog posts, newsletter articles, videos, or any other type of content that’s designed to presell an offer, then your content should be useful yet incomplete.

Let me explain…

Creating useful content means that it solves part (or even all) of your prospect’s problem. And yet the content is incomplete, as your prospect can seek out additional solutions in order to further explain or enhance the free content. You can then presell the paid solution.

TIP: The other advantage of creating really useful content is that it impresses your readers or viewers. If you deliver some of your best content for free, your prospects will see that you offer high-quality content. You’ll establish your expertise as a trusted source of information. They’ll feel more confident about purchasing your paid solutions once they see that your free content is so useful.

So, let’s talk about how to create useful yet incomplete content. Check out these different methods…

Method One: Offer an Overview of a Process

Here you tell people what to do, but you dont offer all of the details of how to complete a process. As such, they get an overview of what they’ll need to do, and then you can sell a product that fills in the needed details.

For example, you might create a report that gives people an overview of how to write a sales letter. Some of your steps might include instructions such as “create a benefit driven headline” or “offer a strong guarantee to remove risk. “However, you don’t share in-depth instructions on these steps. Instead, you point your readers towards a copywriting guide where they can learn everything they need to know about crafting cash-pulling sales letters.

In this scenario, you’ve provided all of the steps that are required in the process and at the conclusions have pointed the reader toward your paid product where they can get a complete, detailed explanation of each of those steps to better understand it.

Method Two: Provide Tips or Ways

Another way to offer useful yet incomplete is to give your readers or viewers tips or ways.

Here are examples of “tips” reports, articles or videos:

  • 5 Tips for Boosting Your Metabolism
  • 10 Tips for Starting Your Own Church
  • 15 Tips for Training For Your First Marathon
  • 7 Tips To Survive a Global Pandemic

Your content is useful because it offers actionable tips, but it’s incomplete because obviously a set of tips doesn’t solve the prospect’s entire problem (for that, they need an in-depth, step-by-step guide).

Here are examples of offering a “ways” report, article or video:

  • 5 Surefire Ways to Get Massive Amounts of Traffic
  • 3 Ways to Stay Healthy During a Stay at Home Lockdown
  • 7 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Again, the information is useful in that it shows people what to do, but it’s incomplete because prospects lack the needed details. You can then presell a course or other information product on the backend that gives steps for all of the ways shared or is focused on the “best” or “most recommended” way you mentioned in your free content.

Here’s another way to create useful yet incomplete content…

Method Three: Explain One Step In-Depth

The idea here is to provide detailed, thorough information on ONE step of the process (often the first step). You then point prospects towards a paid product to get instructions for the rest of the process.

For example:

  • If you’re teaching people how to write a sales letter, then you might give in-depth instructions on PART of this process, such as profiling the target market or crafting the perfect headline. (Which is indeed a very useful skill!)
  • If you’re teaching people how to work from home or make money online, then you might provide in-depth instructions on part of this process then go deeper into the steps in your backed paid course.

TIP: You can “splinter” a product, such as a course, by giving away one lesson or module that covers a step-in-depth. People will then naturally want the rest of the course once they see the quality information in that excerpt!

Now the next method for offering useful yet incomplete information…

Method Four: Give Tools Away

The idea here is to give away tools that a prospect can use to help them solve their problem, reach their goal, or enjoy their interest. However, these tools are most effective if your prospects also have instructions (which makes the tools “incomplete”). The point then is to sell the instructions on the backend.

For example, you might offer prospects a set of budgeting and debt-management worksheets to help them get started on figuring out how to pay down their debt. However, you’d then sell a debt-management software on the backend, which will show your prospects how to make the most of the information from the worksheets.

Another example: you can give your online marketing prospects a fill-in-the blank sales letter template. This is useful, because it lets prospects quickly and easily create a sales letter. However, if people want to make the most of this template, then they could purchase a copywriting course to learn the details of crafting effective copy.

And finally…

Method Five: Give Full Instructions

For this method, you offer your prospects in-depth instructions on how to complete a process. You then presell a set of tools or even a service on the backend to make it easier, faster, better or more affordable for them to complete the process.

For example, you might offer a report with in-depth instructions on how to setup a WordPress blog. You can then sell WordPress templates and plugins on the backend. You might also offer a “done for you” service where you install and customize WordPress blogs for your prospects.

Now let’s wrap things up…

Your Turn

You just learned how to create useful yet incomplete content that helps you presell an offer. In each of the strategies shared, you provide genuinely useful content for your readers and viewers at no cost. Then you point them to a product that will further explain or enhance the content.

For this lesson’s assignment, you’re going to brainstorm ways that you can create useful yet incomplete content.

Start with a topic. Then brainstorm the following:

  • What sort of overview could you create for this topic?
  • What sort of tips could you offer on this topic?
  • What step could you offer in-depth instructions on for this topic?
  • What sort of tools could you offer to help people complete a process?

Go ahead and brainstorm on these questions.

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