How to Make the Most of Your Logo

by | Feb 15, 2020 | Branding

If you have a website or blog and you don’t have a great logo that you’re proud of, then fixing this should be your number one priority. Having a great logo is crucial not only so that your site looks great but also so that you can create new marketing opportunities, form more of an emotional attachment with your viewers and generally become ‘bigger than yourself’.

Once you have your logo then, you need to make sure you are doing more than just leaving it at the top of your website. Here we will look at some of the things you can do to begin making more of it.

Business Cards

If you’ve just created a logo, then it’s time to update your business cards (or to create some in the first place). This way, you can turn every interaction in person into a chance to strengthen your brand.

E-Mail Signatures

If you have a business e-mail account, then you should add your logo to the bottom of that. This way, each time someone receives an e-mail from you, they’ll see your e-mail and be given a chance to find out more about your business and blog. The same goes for forum signatures.

Social Media

Social media accounts should all be branded in accordance with your blog/business. This means they should feature your logo prominently as either your cover image or your profile photo. At the same time, your user name should be the same as your website or business and you should provide a clear link.

This will not only allow you to ensure more people see your brand, it will also create more consistency across channels which will be more impressive for those users experiencing your marketing efforts.


No one likes being invoiced but that doesn’t mean you should hide your brand from your invoices.


If you sell products of any sort and will be delivering them, then you should include your logo on the packaging. This has worked incredibly well for Amazon, who take advantage of the excitement that people feel when getting deliveries in order to create positive associations around their brand.

Web Design

Your website should feature your brand at the top but it should also integrate your logo right into the design. This means your color palette should take cues from your logo for instance and you should involve elements from that logo in your background and navigation.