How to Turn One Time Customers into Repeat Buyers

How to Turn One Time Customers Into Repeat Buyers

When you get someone to buy into what you are saying, you can turn a prospect into a customer. This is time to celebrate, right? You have made a sale, so your work is done. Now it is time to find some new leads so you can hopefully repeat the process.

Slow down, speedy.

The customer you just obtained is fruit that is ripe for the picking. No one will be more interested in what you have to say and offer than somebody who pulls out their wallet or purse and buys what you are selling. Their level of interest in your business is sky high right now. This is the perfect time to deliver an upsell, downsell or some other type of offer. Look at this as an opportunity to provide additional value and solve more problems for your customer, rather than thinking about making a sale.

A Bird in the Hand and All That

There are all sorts of business statistics that show it is infinitely harder to get a new customer, as opposed to getting a current customer to purchase additional items or accessories. This is only one of many excellent reasons why your sales funnel needs to include an immediate offer to anyone who buys one of your products or services.

A proven process here is to offer something that costs more than the item just purchased.

This is known as an upsell. If the customer passes on the upsell, offer a downsell option or discount your original upsell price tag. You should also segment your email lists and autoresponder sequences. When someone makes a buy, they are then sent an ongoing sales funnel to generate more sales. Non-buyers continue to receive a different email series, one that is intended to make that crucial first sale.

The Power of Unadvertised Bonuses

You can also create lifelong customer loyalty and multiple sales by rewarding a purchase with an unadvertised bonus. Make this bonus something outstanding. You want to truly reward a buying decision with massive value, and something that solves a big problem in the lives of your customers.

Another way to turn one time customers into repeat buyers is to offer referral discounts and free products. In turn for a customer referring you to a friend, you extend a future purchase discount or extra product to that person if the referral also makes a purchase. Finally, don’t discount the power of constant email contact. Capture the email information with every purchase, follow up regularly, and you can turn a one time buy into a lifetime of purchases.

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