The Power of Owning Your Marketing Platform

The Power of Owning Your Marketing Platform

Over the years, I’ve watched countless business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with a critical decision: Should I build my platform or simply rent space on third-party sites? Admittedly, the allure of established platforms is tempting. Sites like ClickFunnels and others have made a killing off this exact dilemma. But after years in the industry, I’ve come to realize one undeniable truth:

Owning your marketing platform gives you power that renting can never provide.

Why Owning Matters

  1. Total Control: Ever been on a rented platform and wanted to make a slight tweak or a significant overhaul to your funnel? The limitations become glaringly apparent. When you own your platform, customization is limitless. Want a new widget in the sidebar? Need to integrate a fresh tool or app? It’s all possible.
  2. Financial Efficiency: Those monthly subscription fees might look small at first, but they pile up. Over a year, you could be bleeding thousands. Building and maintaining your platform often turns out to be more cost-efficient in the long run.
  3. Content Ownership: This one’s crucial. On third-party platforms, there’s always a looming risk – what if the platform shuts down? Or changes its terms of service? All your valuable content, leads, and data could vanish. Owning ensures that your content remains yours, no matter what.

A Real-Life Scenario

Let me share a story. A friend of mine, Julia, had built a substantial following on a third-party platform. Her weekly insights were eagerly awaited by thousands. Then, out of the blue, the platform changed its policies, and Julia’s content, her primary asset, was suddenly flagged for minor compliance issues. Just like that, her entire subscriber list was gone. This could’ve been avoided had she owned her platform.

Here’s a Valuable Tip

Start with the basics. If you’re making the transition, begin by owning your domain and website hosting. Platforms like WordPress give you ownership and flexibility. The next step? An integrated marketing system tailored to your needs.

Imagine a world where your email autoresponder, funnels, and website all work seamlessly and under one roof. A place where you dictate the rules, look, and feel. That’s the advantage of ownership.

In Conclusion

Renting space on a third-party platform may seem convenient, but it’s a short-term strategy. For longevity, brand integrity, and maximizing profits, owning your marketing platform is the path forward. Remember, in the world of digital real estate, ownership is power.

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