Have you ever heard the advice to write a letter to someone who’s wronged you but instead of sending it off and starting a fight, to burn the letter instead? The same is said about emails but the lesson is the same: When you acknowledge the act or mistake that is holding you back, burning it releases any feelings of anger or guilt that you’re carrying.

Take your journal or a blank piece of paper and write about a money mistake that is taking up space in your head. Acknowledge your feelings – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and just let your pen keep going, even if you’re placing direct blame on someone else. There’s no wrong here; allow yourself to write freely about this mistake and don’t edit. Even if you’re writing for 3 pages, don’t edit your words because every last word and emotion is valid.

When you’re finished writing, take a step back or some deep breaths; you might feel drained or emotional and that’s perfectly alright. When you’re ready, re-read the entry again and allow yourself to feel every emotion. You might discover new emotions emerge when re-reading.

Lastly, find a safe place to burn this letter/journal entry. Allow yourself to feel relief that these thoughts are no longer harboring in your mind. Let any guilt or anger evaporate as you watch the paper turn to cinders. Know in your heart that you can do better from this point forward.