What’s The Best Way To Make Money Online During The Pandemic?

by | Apr 25, 2020 | Business

I get this question a lot from lots of different people. People who in the past laughed at making money online but now they are coming to me asking me how they can do it.

In my entire career of working online, I’ve been involved in Network Marketing, which by the way is facing some challenges right now with the FTC which I’ll touch more upon later. I’ve done a lot of Affiliate Marketing and I’ve also created and sold my own digital products.

Aside from doing that, I also run a webdesign company and create high converting sites and funnels for online business owners who want to get more exposure and want to build a powerful brand and online presence. But this is not something anyone can do. It’s taken me years and years of hard work and trial and error to get to where I am today and know what I know and be able to do what I do and do it the right way.

This is why I mentioned Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Digital Product creation. These are my favorite ways to make money online and mostly everyone can learn how to do each one of them in a fairly short period of time.

Now to narrow it down further, my favorite way to make money online from the 3 that I mentioned in creating and selling my own digital product and services. Why is that my favorite? Because I have full control of my business. As long as I’m operating ethically and not doing anything bad, it is by far the best and my favorite way to earn an income online and anyone can do it.

We all have something we are passionate about. Something we love to do. We can take that passion and that knowledge we have and create a product around it. That can be in the form of a video tutorial on something.

If you’re not there yet, my second favorite way to make money online is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is by far the best and easiest way to make money online, before you get to creating your own product stage.

Affiliate marketing is super easy to do. Mostly all businesses will have an affiliate program you can promote.

For me as an example, I’m a web designer and online marketer so I’m associated with affiliate programs that are related to my niche. I promote web hosting affiliate programs, plugin and software affiliate programs, email autoresponder affiliate programs, etc.

So if you’re not ready to package your expertise into a course that you can sell and deliver digitally, then start with affiliate marketing.

Affiliaye marketing usually requires no upfront investment, you dont have to recruit others or talk to family and friends about products and you can easily scale it to a nice consistent income.

Network Marketing is another good way but it’s gone down on my list because times have changed. Although it’s still a good way to make money online, it requires a lot of prospecting and recruiting and most people are not in that state of mind. They never were and it was a challenge even before the pandemic. You needed to be really influential and well connected to build any kind of significant income. It works, it’s just not as easy as a lot of people make it out to be.

Which is why I firmly believe you should look into figuring out what you love to do and start doing it. Start a youtube channel and start talking about it. Then find a company that sells something related to your topic and create an affiliate account with them. They will give you your own link to promote and you can put that link in your bio on Instagram, on your youtube channels, etc.

One good example of an affiliate program you can start using right away is Amazon affiliates. You basically promote anything that is being sold on Amazon and when someone buys from your link you get paid. The only problem with that is it doesnt pay that well. The commissions are really low so you’d have to send a lot of traffic either from a popular blog or social media accounts where you have a lot of influence.

So do some research and find an affiliate program that pays 30% or 40% commissions or even more. I’ve been in some that pay 70% commissions. If you want some suggestions send me a message and I’ll see what would be a good fit for you based on your interests.

If you’re looking to get some more information now, I’ll give you a good source to start with. There’s a FREE book you can get here that gives you 30 different ways to build a business and make money online in 30 days using affiliate marketing or selling your own digital products or services. To this day, I still go to it to brainstorm new ideas.

Wish you a lot of success. Feel free to share this if you got value from it. I appreciate you being here and taking the time to read this.

Stay safe