Today I deleted over 500 INACTIVE people from my friends list, Unfollowed about 3,500 (took a long time)

Wow… not posting this for likes but as I was going through and cleaning out my list it made me remember why it’s so important to know your audience.

I had people on there I would never work with, talk with or anything. Why were they added you ask? I guess you can say it’s been years of randomly accepting and adding people thinking it’s the smart way to market.

Well having 5000 friends is not the smart way to market on Facebook. The smarter way is to have a smaller list tailored to your niche and who you want to serve. It makes no sense to have a ton of people just for the sake of exposure.

Exposure is better when you have less. You see the best posts on your feed, you’re connecting with the right people and you’re not wasting time doing what bad marketers do.

Just wanted to say that because I know a lot of us are bored these days staying at home and you’ll probably want to go through your list and clean it up. So just make sure you’re staying connected with real people who you would want to have a coffee with in real life. Find and connect with people you have common interests with. Connect with people you are willing to have a genuine conversation with.

That’s what smarter marketers do and see better results, more leads coming in and of course they are making a lot more sales.