Why You Should Use Promotional Gifts to Strengthen Your Brand

by | Jan 5, 2020 | Branding

Why You Should Use Promotional Gifts to Strengthen Your Brand

Using promotional gifts is a fantastic method for strengthening your brand and offers an incredible ROI for those bloggers and business owners willing to make a small upfront investment. Here we will look at why this is such a powerful and multifaceted strategy and at how you can ensure you get the most from it.

What is a Promotional Gift?

To start with then, what is a promotional gift?

Essentially, a promotional gift is the same thing as a corporate gift, though the latter term is usually used more in a corporate setting. The general idea in either case is that you’re giving away a product for free that is inexpensive but that everyone can appreciate. A good example of this would be something like a hat, a mousemat, a mug or a t-shirt. These are cheap items that everyone has use for.

You’re then going to give these away at tradeshows, with products you sell and in a variety of other ways as a ‘treat’ for your visitors, customers and fans.

The Idea Behind the Gifts

So what is the idea behind this? Well, first and foremost a promotional gift simply acts as a way for you to thank your customers/visitors for dealing with you. This way, you are showing them you appreciate them and you are creating a situation where they may feel obligated to you.

At the same time though, you will also inspire more brand loyalty this way because they will have items branded with your logo. This will make them feel like fans of your brand and that in turn will make them more likely to become fans of your brand. When someone puts on a t-shirt with your logo on it, they will feel much more attached to what you’re doing.

There are more benefits here too though. For starters, every time someone wears that t-shirt of yours they will be promoting your brand. Now imagine if they go to a sports game and get filmed on the camera – they could be seen by millions of people wearing your shirt and it will have cost you barely anything. If they give it away or give it to charity then even more people will see your brand.

Finally, a promotional gift can be used as an incentive for a competition, for signing up to a mailing list or more. This is a highly powerful strategy and makes your business seem more professional – so get ordering!